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Welcome to Aberdeen Elementary

The original Aberdeen Elementary was first built in 1890 and has undergone several changes over the years.  Aberdeen Elementary is a Kindergarten to Grade 5 school. Although Aberdeen began as a school for rural families, the demographics are now changing. More than half of our 220 students live in urban neighbourhoods. One thing that has not changed, however, is that Aberdeen is a school where everyone knows your name.

Our Mission Statement is “to develop successful learners through targeted individualized instruction and support to ensure high levels of learning”. In the past few years, the Aberdeen staff has focused their attention on small group instruction that targets the needs of individual (or groups) of students. Through ongoing assessments, teachers can monitor each child’s progress and provide meaningful feedback to promote academic achievement. Aberdeen staff strive to provide small group instruction in many areas throughout the school day. Currently, all students receive small group instruction during reading instruction to target specific reading skills. Research indicates that early interventions promote greater success for students. Our Elementary Strategic Plan outlines a goal of having all students reading at grade level by the end of Grade 3.

Our school goal is focused on reading instruction and achievement. “We strive to have 100% of our students improve their reading achievement throughout the school year”.

We also pride ourselves in providing students with activities and leadership opportunities. Extra-curricular activities for our Grade ⅘ students, recreational activities, academic and behavioural support, and friendship groups are a few examples of how Aberdeen Elementary develops a sense of community for our students.

One other area of focus is social-emotional development. We decided to follow the lead of the Dalai Lama Centre and their work around the Science of Kindness. The Heart-Mind Inquiry  gives us a tangible focus for this. It allows us to delve into 5 main areas (getting along with others, being compassionate and kind, solving problems peacefully, feeling secure and calm, and being alert and engaged). These variables are familiar to those who have followed the Virtues Program and the Ministry of Education’s Self-Regulation initiatives. They are things that all cultures strive to teach their young in order to promote responsibility, citizenship, and kindness.

GETS ALONG WITH OTHERS – the ability to form positive relationships with peers and adults.

COMPASSIONATE AND KIND – the ability to be aware of other people’s emotions and a desire to help when a person is in need.

SOLVES PROBLEMS PEACEFULLY – the ability to behave in a peaceful and respectful way in a variety of situations and relationships.

SECURE AND CALM – the ability take part in daily activities and approach new situations without being overwhelmed with worries, sadness or anxiety.

ALERT AND ENGAGED – the ability to stay calm, focused and alert; to demonstrate self-control and to slow down and think before acting.

Parental Involvement
Involving parents, and finding ways to develop partnerships with them, is essential. Research indicates that when schools have good communication with parents, it helps develop academic and social achievement. The Aberdeen staff looks forward to working in partnership with each and every parent. Even if parents are unable to come into the school, a few things that can be done at home to help your child are:
-Listen to your child read every night
-Read to your child
-Talk about the books that your child and you are reading
-Ask your child to write something for you (get your child to choose something they want to write about)
-Read and sign your child’s planner nightly
-Ask your child about 3 great things that happened at school each day

Staff and Student Goals
The Aberdeen staff strives to …
...provide a welcoming, inclusive, collaborative, engaging, student-centered environment that allows students to develop a positive attitude and love for learning.

Every Aberdeen student strives to …
...become an ALL-STAR!

How do you become an ALL-STAR?

S. olve problems peacefully

T. ry your best

A. lways make wise choices

R. espectful and Responsible (Respect yourself, others, and the school)

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