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School Supply List

We have held off a little bit on our school supplies this year during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that we were as accurate as possible on what we may need. A change that is on the school supply lists for this year includes a pencil cases for each child. In previous years, some classes have shared materials, but during our pandemic period, we are limiting the amount of sharing that students do within the classroom. Because we are not sure what September will bring, we want to plan for students not to share materials in the classroom.

We have tried a new company this year, School Start. This company will ship the school supplies to your home so that you can label the supplies prior to coming to school. Of course, you always have the option of purchasing your child's school supplies on your own as well.

We are always looking at ways to reduce cost for parents and to ensure that supplies are being used throughout the year. Similar to this school year, we have limited the original school supply list to essential items. 

When you are looking at the School Start list, there are two different sections: "Starter Package" and "Other items required by your teacher".

The "Starter Package" is the basic package that is required by all teachers. These are usually consumable items that cannot be used year after year.

The "Other items required by the teacher" are also required items, but some students may already have some of the items at home. You can order the items that you need rather than buying items that you already have.

Once class lists have been created, and students have been placed in classes, you may be supplied with a small additional list of teacher-specific supplies.