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Blog: Friday, November 16th, 2018

For the Love of Literacy!

Successful early literacy is an integral part of students’ love of learning and school. By ensuring our students enjoy reading at a young age, we set them up to be successful readers for their entire schooling careers. At Aberdeen Elementary, we strive to have all our readers improve yearly in their literacy achievement in hopes that all students will be reading at grade level by the end of Grade 3. To accomplish this, staff, students, and parents must be firm in their efforts. The commitment of the Aberdeen staff is evident by the nine teachers who have volunteered their time to join the Kindergarten to Grade 3 initiative, “Changing Results for Young Readers” (CR4YR).

In Kindergarten, our teachers and students focus on a different letter each day. Students are learning to recognize the message, create the letter sound, find the letter in print and produce a word that starts with that letter.

Grade 1 is a particularly important year for reading. The students start the year learning the basics of reading and end it by reading independently! Our Grade 1 teachers focus on sight word acquisition by playing blitzing games. Each one of the students participates in these games, where the focus is on six new words each week. The teachers individualize the learning, using circle charts assessment, by providing specific words to each student that they are working on memorizing. This personalized approach to education allows all students to learn within their zone of proximal development and improve their sight word acquisition. Three times per week, many of our grade 1 students participate in blitzing centers for 30 minutes with parent volunteers. During Janet Mort’s, “Joyful Literacy” Conference, Mrs. Teeft was able to share many of the school’s literacy games with colleagues within the district.

Our Grade 2 and 3 teachers and students continue to build their reading schema through an emphasis on reading comprehension. Teachers demonstrate and explicitly model comprehension strategies in their classrooms, allowing students to understand the concept of an “inner reading voice”. The students are taught genre-specific skills which will enable them to engage with both fiction and non-fiction materials.

Through the commitment of staff and the hard work and determination of students and their parents, Aberdeen Elementary is ALREADY showing improvement in literacy achievement in the first two months of school! As for the literacy imperative of getting all the students to meet reading expectations by the end of grade 3, at Aberdeen, our staff, students, and parents are up for the challenge!

David Rossi, Principal