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School Staff

Meet the Staff


Name Position Phone Email
David Rossi Principal 604 856 5137 david.rossi [at]
Laura Gagnon Secretary laura.gagnon [at]


Name Position Div Email
Suzi McClelland Early Literacy Support Teacher suzi.mcclelland [at]
Amy Leclair ELL/KG (alt Fri) amy.leclair [at]
Eleanor Kinman Gr 1 Div. 8 eleanor.kinman [at]
Sandi McRae Gr. 2 Div. 7 sandi.mcrae [at]
Nicole Teeft Gr. 2 Div. 6 nicole.woodward [at]
Stacey Liebe Gr. 2/3 Div. 5 stacey.liebe [at]
Tanya VonDoehren Gr. 3/4 Div 3 tanya.vondoehren [at]
Kelly Ernewin Gr. 3/4 (Mon/Tues/Wed) Div. 4 kelly.ernewin [at]
Rugia Penner Gr. 3/4 (Thur/Fri) Div. 4 rugia.penner [at]
Ray Goerke Gr. 4/5 Div 2 ray.goerke [at]
Brock Merrill Gr. 4/5 (Mon/Tues) Div. 1 brock.merrill [at]
Andrea Wildeman Gr. 4/5 (Wed/Thurs/Fri) Div. 1 andrea.wildeman [at]
Sundeep (Sunny) Dhaliwal Gr. KG Div. 10 sundeep.dhaliwal [at]
Kim Cizik Gr. KG (Mon - Thurs, alt Fri) Div. 11 kim.cizik [at]
Jessica Werner Gr. KG/1 Div. 9 jessica.werner [at]
Allison Howard Gr. KG/1 (Friday) Div. 9 allison.howard [at]
Nicole Clark Learning Commons Teacher (Thurs-Fri) nicole.clark [at]
Brenda Thomas Learning Support Services (LSS) / ELL brenda.thomas [at]
Courtney Walter Music (Tuesdays) [at]
Kul Dhaliwal PE/ELL (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) kul.dhaliwal [at]


Name Email
Shanna Cameron shanna.cameron [at]

Support Staff:

Name Position Email
Joel Byron Cultural Support Worker joel.byron [at]
Linda Rasmussen Custodian linda.rasmussen [at]
Nicola Molendijk Educational Assistant nicola.molendijk [at]
Christina Neumann Educational Assistant (EA) christina.neumann [at]
Debra Batt Educational Asst. debra.batt [at]
Jamie Block Educational Asst. jamie.block [at]
Caitlyn Turner Educational Asst. caitlyn.turner [at]
Holly Wiebe Educational Asst. holly.wiebe [at]
Leigh Ann Zamprogno Educational Asst. leighann.zamprogno [at]
Laurie Salter Library Technician laurie.salter [at]
Shannon Westphal Speech and Language shannon.westphal [at]
Nikki Born Youth Care Worker nikki.born [at]