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School Safety

The following guidelines will help to keep all of our students safe. Thank you for caring!


  • Parent parking is available in the lower lot at the front of the school at all times of the day. In addition, the Lighthouse Ministries Church, behind the school on Fraser Highway, is available for overflow parking.

  • Please note that the upper parking lot in front of the school is for staff and handicap parking.

  • There are staff members on duty 10 minutes before school and 30 minutes after school.  

  • You will notice two lanes of traffic in the front of the school.
  1. The left hand lane is for drop offs and pick ups. Please remain in your vehicle and drop your children off. Do not attempt to pull around a car in your lane. Children are small and they pass in front of cars to get to the passenger door. Please be patient and Mr. Rossi (or a designate) will keep the traffic moving.
  2. The right hand lane is for buses only. Thank you for not using this lane. We have both early and late arriving buses. Please remind your children to watch for buses as the enter and exit passenger cars.
  3. Parking Map

Student Expectations/Rules

Information regarding student expectation and school rules can be found in the Code of Conduct section. 


Aberdeen elementary is a closed campus. The purpose of this policy is to regulate access by any person or organization to students in District No. 34 (Abbotsford), and to avoid interruptions of school programs. Lunches can be dropped off and the office and students will be called down at the appropriate time. All visitors including parents/guardians/caregivers must:

  • Report to the office.
  • Sign in and out on the provided clipboard.
  • Wear a visitor badge while at the school

Closure of Schools for Extreme Weather

On occasion, it is necessary to temporarily close a school when weather conditions might endanger the health and safety of students only. The Superintendent of Schools has authority on behalf of the Board, to temporarily close a school.

If parents believe the local conditions are unsafe, they should keep their child at home or arrange his/her early dismissal.

The SBO has an automated phone service that calls everyone's house in the event of urgent information and emergency news that need to get to parents.

Please DO NOT CALL the school questioning if there is school.  You will receive an automated phone call if school is cancelled.   Families can also check for updates on the School District website at and on the AbbySchools App.

Announcements will be made on our local radio station, STAR FM 98.3, Country 107.1 FM, Punjabi Radio 1550 AM or most local news TV stations.