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Student Health and Safety

i. Sick/ill or Late

In fairness to all, children should not be sent to school if there are definite signs of ill health in the morning. If a child is too sick to go out at recess and lunch he/she is too sick to be at school. Sick children need to stay home until they are feeling better. We have neither the facilities nor the personnel to care for sick children. Good health is necessary for effective learning. Students who are ill should receive proper medical attention and should not attend school until their health has improved.

Parents are asked to please call the school or log an absence online every time your child is absent. Please log this absence by 8:45am. We will contact families that have not logged an absence to ensure each child is safe each day. Thank you for doing your part to make sure that all students are safe and accounted for at the school.

ii. Late

Students arriving late must sign in at the office to be marked present for the day. The student will be given a late slip so that the classroom teacher is aware that he/she has signed into the office. This process is in place to ensure attendance accuracy and child safety.

iii. Illness or injury at school

Students who become ill during the day are to inform their teacher. Our policy is to get students who are ill, home as soon as possible. Our practice will be to call parents and ask that the student be picked up as soon as possible. If a parent is unable to come immediately, the parent must make an alternative arrangement. For this reason, it is important that parents keep work and emergency phone numbers current.

iv. Emergency contact numbers

Make sure the school has your current phone number for home and work, and an emergency contact number. Also, please inform the office of any changes to these numbers throughout the year.

v. Medical Conditions

If your child has been identified with any type of serious medical condition with supportive medical documentation (such as Anaphylaxis, Diabetes, Epilepsy, bee allergies) please let the school office know (as per School District Policy AP 327 – Medical Alert Conditions).

vi. Medication for Students

On occasion we have been asked by a parent to ensure their child receives emergency medication. Please be aware that in order to do so, we require the completion of the AP 328-1 Request for Administration of Medication at School Form, by the prescribing Physician.

vii. Long Term Absences

On occasion, parents withdraw students for extended periods of time. Before plans are made to have a student miss an extended period of their schooling, please contact the school principal as early as possible. Consideration should be given to the impact that an extended absence may have on the child’s educational progress.

viii. Nut Free School

As we have several students at the school with nut allergies, we have made our school Nut-Free. Thank you for keeping all the students at Aberdeen safe.

iv. Scent Aware

We have many students and staff that are sensitive to scent. Please refrain from wearing scents to school that are overpowering that may affect the well being and learning of others. Thank you for your attention to this matter.