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Outside Rules While Snowing

When the snow starts to fall, it is an exciting time for students (and adults). Snow is FUN! For snow to be fun, we need all the students to be safe while playing in the snow. At Aberdeen Elementary, we are trying to ensure child safety by creating a few rules:

1. No snowballs or snow should be thrown. Students can play in the snow in many different ways, but throwing snow always leads to injuries. Students can make snow angels, build forts, make snow men / snow women, etc, but cannot participate in snowball fights.

2. At Aberdeen, we are lucky to have a great hill for sliding. If a child plans to slide at recess and lunch, please send them with a helmet. The hill can become very slick and quick. If a child were to fall while sliding, we want to make sure that their head is protected.

Thank you for helping us keep all the students safe at Aberdeen during this fun time of year!

Current until: Wednesday, January 31st, 2018
Posted: Tuesday, November 7th, 2017